Five Eels
Blown From the End of a Fire Hose
Arcing Through the Air
Toward a Burning Building

Get ready for some dark teen business on this week's Fandalites.


Drink along with us!


Megamorphs Cocktail Recipe #3: Tobias - Red Tailed Hawk

1/2 part Galliano
1/2 part Killepitsch
1/2 part fresh lime juice
1 part brandy
splash of grenadine
brandied cherry for garnish

Shake brandy, Galliano, Killepitsch and lime juice with ice. Pour a small splash of grenadine in the bottom of a martini glass, followed by the cherry. Slowly pour the shaker into the glass, attempting to distrub the grenadine as little as possible.


They got the metric system in France, they wouldn't know what the fuck a Yeerk is

Jake makes bad decisions: a story in one act

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